First things first: I love food. I love buying food, I love cooking food, I love eating food.  Everything about food.  Unless it involves olives, tomatoes, mushrooms, pickles, beets, or mustard.  That’s where I draw the line.

Because I love food, I got fat. Because I got engaged, I had to get skinny.  Because I had to get skinny, I needed to make some changes in the way I interacted with food – AKA how much of it I put in my mouth.  I got a personal trainer in the fall of 2009 when I tipped the scales at 205 lbs.  I dropped some weight instantly with the lifestyle changes I was making, but like most people, after a while I plateaued and still wasn’t feeling like I was doing all I could.

Once I was engaged, I had 9 months to drop my remaining weight and reach my goal so I could walk down the aisle looking like I had always dreamed.  I had heard of Paleo through customers at the local Barnes & Noble where I worked, so after checking out one of the cookbooks on a lunch break, I knew I wouldn’t have a problem with it because I could eat all the meat I wanted- bacon included.  Living in Cincinnati, Ohio, known throughout its history as Porkopolis for its strong ties to the pork industry, bacon is always on the menu in my kitchen.

I started Paleo after St Patrick’s Day (for obvious reasons) and was strict for 4 months, and after our all-inclusive honeymoon in Playa del Carmen where I gained 5 lbs, it was all downhill.  10 lbs later and a lot more bloated, I am now committing to Whole30 to get back on track.  This blog is my way of holding myself accountable for my actions in and out of the kitchen.  I don’t have any problem calling people out when they mess up, and I hope you all do the same with me!




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