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Back in the Saddle

5 Jun

Ok, I have to get back into this to hold myself accountable. It’s amazing how much writing things down helps me stick to plans and achieve goals.

Today was day 1 of my new skin care/dental regimen, which involves oil pulling and facial cleansing with coconut oil. More on that later, but I’ve heard good things and am excited about seeing progress.


I’ve also committed myself to going back to strict Paleo as I’ve recently gone off the deep end again. I’m such an emotional/stress eater and we just moved which is way more stressful than it should be and after completing a second whole30 I became a junk food whore and just ate anything in sight, completely reversing any weight loss I had achieved and then some. I saw a picture from my birthday last week and thought “what the hell happened?!” Sometimes you need that wake up call to motivate yourself, so here I am, ready to make my 28th year the best yet for my health (and 27 was pretty good, so I have high hopes!)

Please follow me again as I get back in the saddle for encouragement, advice, recipes, entertaining snippets of my day  (and likely some not-so-entertaining), and other good bloggy things.